"My daughter has been working with Justin since she was 7 years old. Already a talented singer, Justin helped her reach a whole new level. Justin has a direct approach and matches his methodology to the student's ability and level. We have no doubt that his coaching was instrumental in helping my daughter secure the part of Little Cosette in the Broadway Revival of Les Miserable!"​​

Rafael Negron

"As a director of many professional performers, I am always looking for top notch voice coaches to prepare my actors for roles within my company, and of course, college auditions. Justin is that top notch voice coach. His attention to detail and approachable way of achieving healthy strong vocal technique is stand out. If you are looking for a teacher that will push you to the next level as a singer, look no further!"

Kristen Caesar 

Artistic Director of Kidz Theater

"When I first met Justin, I was immediately enamored! His love of teaching made me want to send every single client to him. He is committed to making sure that all of his students are not only singing correctly with proper technique and ease, but also that each song is driven by character building and acting. It isn't just his technical ability that makes him an amazing teacher; Justin is also someone who makes you want to practice and fall in love with the repertoire. Right now ten of my clients who I sent to Justin booked Broadway, and two more are on the way!!"

Lisa Calli

Calli Company (NYC Management)

"I came across Justin when I was looking for a voice instructor for my son Derek. Immediately after their first session, Derek had a lot more control over his vocals and sounded much clearer. Throughout the next few sessions Justin taught Derek how to warm up his lungs, found his singing range and songs that suited him best and supplied methods on how to achieve those impossible notes. Right away I sent another son of mine, Andrew, to work with Justin. Again, a success! Justin was able to help Andrew discover his own voice and Andrew landed the role of Young Lola in Kinky Boots! Justin is well organized and fun to work with! He is extremely patient as he understands some of the issues that kids tend to face with when it comes to sharing their voice! He has taught my boys how to excude their confidence through their vocals instead of shying away! I HIGHLY recommend Justin as your vocal coach, you won't regret it!"

Frederica Johnson

"I recently had the wonderful opportunity to have Justin Reamy work with my students at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre in Carmel, Indiana.  All I can say is, “Wow”!  Justin’s energy and positive attitude set up an atmosphere in the classroom where everyone felt at ease and had fun.  What was most impressive was Justin’s ability to communicate with each student, offering very doable adjustments specific to each individual. Smiles would spread across every participant’s face, as each song presentation grew more and more confident.  Every young singer walked out of Justin’s Master Class with a new set of skills and assurance that he/she was on the right path to success. While I was thrilled with Justin’s teaching abilities with my students, I was equally happy with the conversations Justin and I had prior to his arrival in Indiana.  We had numerous phone calls and email exchanges to come up with a lesson plan customized to my students’ needs.  He came in with an entire curriculum that truly complimented where my students are in their audition preparation process.  I truly hope that I am able to bring Justin back to Indiana in the near future."

Kelly Butler Smith

Young Adult Coordinator

Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre


"My 11 year old son, Chris Richards, started voice lessons with Justin Reamy with very little vocal training under his belt.  Within 6 months he booked 2 Broadway Shows, 1 Regional Theater job and an original adaption of a musical in an equity theater in NYC.  If you want fast results based in solid technique and direct coaching, Justin Reamy is the guy!"

Christina Richards

"My 14 year old daughter began studying with Justin last year, and recently commented that she is amazed at how much stronger her voice has become as a result. She has worked with a number of vocal coaches, and has performed professionally (including a national tour of “The Music Man”), but has not encountered anyone quite like Justin. He is a master teacher – but also a resource for song selection, a cheerleader, an amazing motivator, and even a task master, when necessary. It is clear that he knows each student through and through, and is completely dedicated to the success of each of them.  Any student who has Justin behind him/her, is extremely lucky!"

Gina Lipton

"It's difficult to find the words to explain just how magical Justin is, he's remarkable. I am 27 years of age and I started lessons later in life, but couldn't be more happy with my progress! I feel like I caught up with the rest of the competitive world of New York City. The list of his triumphs with my vocal issues are endless. He brought out my confidence, raised my own expectations as a growing performer and added an immediate new spark to my dream! It is a privledge to work with Justin. He's given me the tools to make my voice stronger! thank you for being my motivator, my teacher and a supportive friend."​

Tavia Young

"I can not thank Justin enough for how my daughter's voice has grown and still continues to grow. She didn't have any voice training prior to meeting with Justin. After only a few lessons of training, my daughter had major callbacks with Telsey & Company, Sound of Music Live!, Matilda, and she booked the world premier of Ever After at Paper Mill Playhouse! We look forward to her continued success and we know with Justin being her vocal coach, she will go very far!"

Janice Blume

"Our son, Casey, loves working with Justin.  Justin is positive and supportive but does not avoid a little 'tough love,' when necessary.  There are voice teachers, who concentrate on placement, production, etc., and vocal coaches, who help with finding appropriate material and preparing the student for auditions and performance. Justin easily moves from one approach to the other and has been extremely helpful to Casey as both teacher and coach. Under Justin's instruction, Casey has improved his vocal placement for a clearer, more focused musical theater sound and he has strengthened his breath support to produce an enhanced vocal quality. As residents of Florida, Justin's coaching sessions via FaceTime have proved invaluable in preparing Casey for many musical theater auditions and callbacks."

Tracy Butler


"My twelve year old daughter recently started voice lessons with Justin and I can already hear an increase in her vocal ability.  She has performed professionally in local theaters in Austin, TX, but Justin has added a new level to her training.  He has been able to increase and balance her voice, as well as, teach her to tell a story while singing.  He is able to get her to feel the emotions within the songs.  We use FaceTime since we live in Texas, and it has worked out extremely well.  I highly recommend Justin whether you live in NYC or anywhere else!"

Sharon Rutman