I stand by the philosophy that vocal strength is achieved through breath support and is solidified with a blend of  Speech Level Singing and Bel Canto Technique. By reinforcing proper and efficient breathing, the air is utilized to create a healthy and resonant sound. I demonstrate and teach proper Alexander Technique to ensure the breath is being used to maximum capability. Young singers tend to "grab" at their throat and strain muscles to create a forced pseudo-theatrical sound. I help my singers develop strong muscle memory through a plethora of visuals, methods, and styles to achieve healthy singing and longevity. It's crucial that muscle memory is developed at the earliest age to ensure the voice can develop as healthily as possible. My students are alleviated of any hoarse sounds and strenuous singing. 

Lessons are an hour long.


The hour is broken down in to three sections: Warm-Up/TechniqueRepertoire Review and Coaching. As an actor as well as a singer, I firmly believe that the voice doesn't activate fully until the singer immerses himself or herself into the story of the piece, thus using the resulting emotions to propel and kindle the creation of healthy and powerful tones. I want to see my singers push themselves into greatness!