My name is Justin D. Reamy, and I am a "fearless instructor and vocal technician".
Vocal performance has always been my passion since being exposed to great vocalists of the early 90's in my hometown of Philadelphia. So much in fact, I became a singer myself and began performing as much as I could. Eventually, I was ranked 2nd in the All-State Choir of New Jersey for vocal performance, then again in All-Eastern, as well as 4th in All-National Choir, and toured with choral composer Z. Randall Stroope, as a demonstration vocalist for Master Classes.
I studied at Westminster Choir College for Music Education where I was taught by some of the nation’s top instructors and musicians. After college, I moved to New York to not only continue my studies in music, but to fuse my love for Music Education with my love for theater. In order to accomplish this, I chose to study Theater Performance at the American Music and Dramatic Academy. There, I honed my skills amongst some of the greatest Broadway and Shakespearean professionals.
With my education under my belt, I stepped out into the crazy world of theater in NYC. I wanted to use my Music Education background and personal experience to train students who wanted to learn and excel on Broadway and in the Performing Arts. I had always wanted to be a coach and help others achieve their dreams and aspirations. My own dream has always been to be a teacher, and I'm so fortunate to be teaching in a one-on-one format. To see my students ultimately succeed brings so much joy into my life.
In 2016, I have had consecutive sold out teaching weeks and in this year alone - two dozen students working professionally on Broadway, National Tours, Television and Film. All of these achievements have humbled me by creating a waiting list for a spot to get a chance at a one-hour lesson. I have taught sold-out Masterclasses at the prestigious Tarkington Theater in Indianapolis, The Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL and even flew to Australia to teach classes! Can't wait to see what's next!